Check it out: Drake’s new hair style looks like 2010 Justin Bieber!

Somebody please contact Legends Barbershop and tell them to book a flight to the States right now because Drake needs them urgently! The rapper showed off his new hairdo and to the least, he looks like Justin Bieber in 2010.

The “Laugh Now Cry Later” rapper posted a photo of his flippy new flow with a heart shaved into his part. While some believed the look to be real, others claimed it had to be Photoshopped.

“Big #Mood,” the 34-year-old artist captioned the pic on his Instagram story over the weekend before quickly deleting the post.

“Even Drake’s hair has feels,” joked one Twitter user.

“Why does Drake’s new hair style look like 2010 Justin Bieber?” questioned another.

“Can someone just please tell me that isn’t Drake’s real hair before I lose my mind,” said another.

“3 days into 2021 and Drake out here looking like a member of Big Time Rush,” a critic added.

While several people dragged the rapper for bleaching a heart into his hair, others commended Drake’s bold choice.

“Drake’s hair is hard you guys are buggin,” said one person. “Who trying to bleach a heart into my hair like drake?” another asked.

While the longer locks are likely the result of a photo prank, the rapper is committed to wearing his heart on his head; In November, he debuted the design on his shaved head, a reference to his forthcoming album, “Certified Lover Boy.”

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