Check out this exquisite Caitlyn Jenner R53m Malibu Mansion – The closet is to die for!

Caitlyn Jenner bought the home not long after she and Kris Jenner divorced, and we’re sure even Kris would be impressed by Caitlyn’s large closet!

She proudly shows off a pricey designer handbag given to her by her daughter Kylie.

Caitlyn got the 11-acre property for a steal at just $3.5m (R53.2m) in 2015. It features stunning ocean views, four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms and is nestled in the hills above El Pescador State Beach.



Caitlyn currently lives in the home with her partner Sophia Hutchins (above). The home’s exquisite views often feature as the backdrop to Sophia’s Instagram pictures, and so does the expansive swimming pool.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse inside Caitlyn Jenner’s mansion and her closet:


Main Image: New York Post