Check this out: Meal ideas for this year’s Heritage Day!

Heritage Day is around the corner guys and we know how everyone just likes going an extra mile for their families when it comes to cuisines. It is also National Braai Day, so why not incorporate one of these traditional dishes into your braai. Here are a few dishes to brighten up your braai day table.

Main meal – Tshisanyama (burn the meat):

Glitter Lounge TshisaNyama - A picturesque Lounger in Somerset West  commonly known as a ShisaNyama by locals. Boasts live performances every  weekend from famous artistS

Tshisanyama or braaivleis are both common names we use as South Africans when we unite to cook our meat over an open flame. You can braai almost anything – lamb, boerewors, pork, sosaties, chicken and even fish.

Umnqusho – samp and beans

A delicious side that goes perfectly with every braai dish is umnqusho, a traditional Xhosa dish made with samp and beans and one of Nelson Mandela’s favourite dishes. This is easy to make but you might need to get up early as it takes a long time to cook.


Cheese-and-tomato braaibroodjie | Woolworths TASTE

A braaibroodjie is the South African version of a toasted sandwich made on the braai. This will make a perfect side – just butter the outside of the bread for a crispy texture and golden colour.

Pap and chakalaka

3 Ways to Make Chakalaka - wikiHow

Pap and chakalaka is as South African as it gets! Chakalaka is a South African vegetable relish that is usually spicy. A braai just feels incomplete without two of our nation’s most beloved sides, chakalaka and pap.


So, the dish we are sharing is one of those that our manager would make for us for our weekly dinners. We’d be so happy to know that you had cooked the ujeqe (steamed bread), beef stew and imfino (pumpkin leaves).

Ujeqe — South African Recipes — Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine

Main Image: WikiHow