Congrats! Thickleeyonce makes it on Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty influencer list

Talk about levels! From SA to the world, plus-size model Thickleeyonce is going to be a Savage x Fenty influencer, and she told TshisaLIVE all about it.

Even though the country is under lockdown with not much to do, this hasn’t stopped celebs like ‘Leeyonce from securing the bag and being recognised.

On Friday morning, the plus-size model took Twitterville by surprise when she announced she’s been made as an influencer for American singer Rihanna’s sexy lingerie range called Savage x Fenty.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, ‘Leeyonce expressed great excitement about being an influencer for such a major brand.

“What it means is that I am one of Savage x Fenty’s influencers who aren’t really ambassadors. Every month, I will be getting in their underwear and posting pictures of myself in the sexy merchandise.

“What I love about this deal is that I get to push my message of body positivity. I love how diverse they are with their range. I get to work with them through my agency.”

Leeyonce said it was very important for her to align herself with brands that are “truly and genuinely” diverse because that’s what she was all about.

“I love to align my brand with brands that manufacture sizes that are for small and plus-sized women. I like that women of my size can also look and feel sexy in the sexy underwear.” 

She said making it on the list made all the hard work she’s been doing with her “body positivity” brand worth it.

“It’s a pair up for all the hard work I have done all these years. It’s a validation of the message that I’ve been educating about women loving their bodies regardless.

“Securing the bag is important but it’s equally important to make sure I live up to what I have been about all these many years.”

‘Leeyonce said Mzansi will see her in the sexy Savage x Fenty range as soon as next week.

“Y’all will get to see me in it next week. I’m going to be in really sexy underwear that I will be shooting indoors because we are under lockdown. I will be the one taking most of my pictures seeing as I am a photographer and I know my beauty and what I want my picture to translate.”