Ì have a crush on my father’s friend, should I tell him or what?

‘’Hey Uncle T, I am a 29-year-old working woman who lives in Lenasia, South of Johannesburg. I still live with my mother and father and I am currently single, yet I have a crush on my father’s friend and I think he’s the one. I know this may sound absurd and many will judge me for this, but I cannot control myself and I think the guy has realized it.

I can say this was love at first sight because the first time I saw him was 4 years ago when he came over for my welcoming ceremony after graduating at University. I instantly fell in love with him when my dad introduced me to him, everything about him was perfect, I knew from that time that he is the one.

I have been stalking him on facebook and sometimes pitch at his work place and pretend I am there to see my father, but in atual fact, I am there to grab seek his attention. I want to tell him how I feel, but I feel like my dad won’t accept this, I know how my dad, this is going to make him furious. But I can’t also keep this to myself, it will haunt me, please advise me Uncle T, should I tell him or what?’’

Anonymous – Lenasia

Hello there,

I like the fact that you are a very ambitious woman who does not stop until they get what they want. But to be honest with you, going after your father’s friend, no matter how much you love them, will do more damage than good. First of all, there’s a high chance that your father looks up to that man as a brother that he can trust around his family, you going after him will totally destroy that bond.

I might be wrong about the outcome of you going public with your crush on this man, but you said it yourself; ‘’I know how my dad is, this is going to make him furious.’’ Look here my dear, sometimes loving someone does not mean we should be with them, sometimes it is okay to love from a distance and not do anything about it.

This whole situation will just open up a can of worms that nobody will ever be able to seal again, think about how much damage this will cause between your father and his friend. There are a lot of good men out there, and surely there is one waiting for someone like you, not this one though. Let’s just hope that this crush shall pass soon, if it doesn’t, then we can look at this on a different angle, for now, I suggest you abort all plans to confront him.

Uncle T’s Advice.

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