David Kau and his crew serve up a comedic masterclass at the Blacks Only comedy show

The Teatro at Monti Casino was definitely the place to be on Friday evening .David Kau and his cast of fellow crazes brought the house down with their comedic take on our country’s current affairs at The annual Blacks Only comedy show dubbed the “Cabinet Reshuffle”.

The man David Kau himself hosted the show and didn’t disappoint. Him and his buddies held no punches as the crowd was left in stitches from the on set, and regularly had to grasp for air from all the laughter .The cast had a nice blend of youth and experience to leave the audience constantly entertained.

Fans were treated to a star studded  line up with likes of Dillion Olifant ,Kagiso “twice as nice” Mogadi, Lihle , Siya Seya, Dr Suhayl Essa, Conrad Koch, Sfiso Nene, Chris Forrest and Fan favourite Celeste Ntuli.

Some Highlights from the show :

Dilan Olifant got the ball rolling as the first act of the night and set a the standard.The acts just got better and better .Dr Sohayl Essa left the crowd in tears with his take on Zulus and the tone in which they sing their songs which he found very contradicting.

Siya Seya embodied the show and came through with a strong strict vernack attack together with Sfiso Nene who left us wondering what it would be like if our country was run by taxi drivers. Conrad Kock switched it up with his usual ventriloquist friend Chester who left the crowd begging for more not forgetting Celest Ntuli who closed the show and got a standing ovation mainly for her take on ministers in bed.

The show was a resounding success so much so it was decided mid show to extend the show to Saturday as well for all who missed the sold out show.