David vs Goliath: Monada ready to knock out Big Zulu

Looking at King Monada and Big Zulu, it is quite obvious that the odds are against the Limpopo musician.. yet, that still hasn’t stopped him from wanting a boxing match.

One celeb who was thirsting for blood was King Monada. The Limpopo-born star challenge Imali Eningi hitmaker Big Zulu for a fight in the ring and he politely turned him down, asking if there wasn’t a better opponent for him.
However, it appears Big Zulu has changed his mind about facing King Monada and is set to face him in the ring. He was spotted throwing powerful punches in the boxing ring with his trainer and he appears to be more than ready.

Responding to tweets from his fans, Zulu assured them that he’ll knock King Monada out with one punch and he’ll not need more than a minute to do so.

He also appears ready to get in the boxing ring. He shared a video of himself prepping for the fight and it’s gone viral. Struggling to fight the punching bag, fans have turned it into a joke and wonder how will he stand a chance against Zulu if he can’t even stand against a punching bag? However, Monada is adamant that he is not scared and will bring pain to Big Zulu.
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