#Day3| Watch Bored Cardi B Gladiate A Pile of Wood

Since no one is immune to the coronavirus, even our celebrities are subjected to self-isolation. It is Day 3 in South Africa, and we came across Cardi B’s day 3 video which she posted last week of her spear-heading a pile of wood packed in what looks like a Rubik cube’s algorithm.

Cardi B took to Instagram with the caption Day 3 last week to challenge herself to stand up within the period of confinement.

Check out the video below:

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Day 3

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On the other news, Cardi B’s recent coronavirus rant has made it to Billboards charts.

“Coronavirus” began as an Instagram rant from Cardi B on March 10 about the pandemic disease and its global repercussions. Within days, iMarkeeyz — known for turning other viral moments into musical remixes — chopped the clip’s audio and repackaged it with a hip-hop beat, with special attention given to the rapper’s delivery of the disease as “Corona-VIRUS!” and an off-the-cuff “sh– is getting real” for the remixed song’s refrain.

Check it out below:

Main Image: NPR