D’Banj fires back at rumours he kidnapped alleged rape victim

Nigerian D’banj singer is currently embroiled in a messy rape scandal which has seen him trend on Twitter and make headlines for all the wrong reasons, and he has put activists who assisted rape accuser Seyitan Babatayo on blast for “misleading the public” with their allegations.

The Kokomaster has had enough of the trial by social media and decided to name and shame those he believes are exploiting the situation with their “lies”.

Such a lie is the one which had everyone up in arms – allegations made by Seyitan herself that she was kidnapped by the star’s team and interrogated by the singer at an undisclosed location. Seyitan also alleges that activists from Stand To End Rape (STER) tracked her down using ‘satellites’ and ‘rescued her’ from the ordeal.

But D’Banj is calling the whole thing out as utter rubbish and called on popular activist and attorney Segalink – who claimed that not everything that was reported in the media regarding the case was true – to back him up. In a lengthy Twitter thread, Segalink claimed that Seyitan was never kidnapped by the singer’s team – and was actually checked into a hotel instead.

Segalink also insinuated that activists from the ‘feminist coven’ put pressure on Seyitan to engage in a full-on trial, when all she wanted to do was settle out of court. D’banj has urged Segalink to “tell the truth” about how STER activists are exploiting the situation for exposure and their own monetary benefit and he also maintains his version of events that he never met Seyitan personally and that she was a mere groupie who used to hang out with the members of his band.

The Oliver Twist hit-maker also claimed he “respects and honoured women” and would continue to do so, despite the allegations levelled against him. D’banj retweeted dozens of messages of support, calling the allegations “fabricated” and of having a “selfish agenda”.

Main Image: Sowetan Live