Dead man’s wish: Diego Maradona’s body could be dug up and displayed with trophies

Argentine football legend, Diego Maradona who died aged 60 from a heart attack last month, had wanted to be embalmed, his wishes are soon to be fulfilled.

He wrote in a letter to his lawyer Matias Morla that he wanted a similar tribute to Russian Vladimir Lenin

The Soviet leader’s body is preserved and has been on show in Moscow’s Red Square since 1924.

Maradona said in a letter that was signed on October 13: “After a deep analysis I want to express my wish that after my death my body be embalmed and exhibited in said museum, surrounded by my maximum trophies, personal objects and beloved memories to continue receiving the affection of the people from that place.’’

Diego Maradona’s body could be displayed publicly (Image: Getty)

Mario Baudry, who was the lawyer for Maradona’s last partner Veronica Ojeda, discussed the idea of taking the legend’s body from the Bella Vista cemetery near Buenos Aires, reports The Sun.

He said: “The plan is to create a mausoleum somewhere for fans to visit.

“It was something Maradona had also discussed with his brothers.

“The proposal we have is serious, concrete and with the expenses covered but ultimately it would be the responsibility of the football federation.”

The Argentine’s death has affected millions

Main Image: CNN International