Did DJ Zinhle just bid farewell to a ”disappeared” Pearl Thusi?

Fans of Queen Sono’s lead actress Pearl Thusi were left bewildered after Pearl’s sudden disappearance from social media.

Pearl has mysteriously went MIA without any announcement or even a small hint that she would be taking a social media break.

Best friend DJ Zinhle sent Pearl a public dedication on Twitter and the heartfelt message raised a few eyebrows with many wondering what happened to Pearl. The special dedication post comes a few days after Pearl deactivated her Twitter account.

Zinhle’s appreciation post saw her dedicating her 2019 hit Umlilo, with the caption; “This is for you. Everything will be okay… I love you.” This had many thinking that there is something wrong with Pearl and it is a private matter that needs some urgency.

On Instagram, the actress first made her page private, she then deactivated that account too.

At often times, many ZAlebs go on a social media break when things get a little too hectic. Some do it for their mental well-being because the trolling that takes place can be a bit too much. No explanations given and they come back in a better state of mind.

Fans expressed their concerns on the comments section and sent some words of encouragement.

Main Image: Daneloo