Disturbing allegations by Sophie Lichaba’s son against his stepdad in new song – LISTEN

The 21-year-old son of Themba Ndaba and Sophie Lichaba has released a diss track insulting his mother’s estranged husband, Max Lichaba.

Sophie Ndaba’s son, Lwandle “Ocean L” Ndaba has released a diss track aimed at his stepfather, Max Lichaba.

In the track, which he released over the weekend, the aspiring rapper alleges that Max mistreats his mother and alleges he physically abuses her.

Lwandle, who is Sophie and fellow actor Themba Ndaba’s son did not mince his words when he revealed the damming allegations.

His diss track, which is titled “My Stepfather’s a Devil”, exposes his stepfather’s mistreatment towards his legendary actress mother.

;I always thought that you were one to protect us, instead you always pulled up and stressed us. You the reason mama fell in depression.

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