DJ Euphonik caught up in heated debate over property buying during COVID-19

South African DJ, Euphonik, found himself on the Twitter trends list on Wednesday after a heated exchange of words with one user who accused him of allegedly having vested interests in encouraging people to buy property amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

It all started when the user shared that the reduced prime rate on property meant it was a good time to plough up a few investments. The user’s Tweet has since been deleted, but the response to it and the debate that came after was heated within a few minutes.

User Koshiek Karan responded to the tweets, saying: “It’s almost like interest rates never go up.” And he went on to say, “If a DJ who is paid by a property development company tells you to buy a house, do you think he gives a f**k about you?”

Now the thing is, Euphonik is not only about music but he owns properties and works with Baldwin Properties, helping them market their properties. He also partnered with Betterbond and is the host of Property Matters, a television show that helps teach people all about the property market.

The DJ jumped into the debate claiming there is a lot of opportunity in the market now.

 Euphonik added that while many knew him for his music, he also knew a thing or two about property.

The user responded to Euphonik, saying purchasing property during a pandemic was “both reckless and self-motivated”.

Koshiek Karan later claimed the DJ had a self-motivated interest for people to acquire properties, which Euphonik responded to.

Then the debate continued when the user claimed that Euphonik had steered clear of disclosing his self-interests and should take the L.

The TV personality and Radio DJ told the user that he assumes he knows him and apologised for disappointing the user.

Main Image: Daneloo