DJ Jashmir back on TikTok’s trends list with Spongebob theme song Amapiano version!

DJ Jashmir keeps winning! If this was soccer, this would probably be a brace in the DJ’s profile following the pattern of success on TikTok he’s been maintaining. Last Month, Jashmir won 031 award and his #MyMaSeKind video scored five million TikTok views

Anyways, Jashmir has now created the latest dance trend that’s sweeping the nation. It is a South African version of the Spongebob Theme Song with an Amapiano twist.

Watch the video on TikTok here

For those of you who don’t know who the TikTok star is, Jashen Joel Govindsamy, professionally known as “Jashmir” was born in Durban, South Africa on the 10th of April 1999 and was raised in Chatsworth. Jashmir began his career as a DJ in 2013, venturing in the genres:
house and EDM. In 2017, he made his production credits by releasing his first EP, ”Carnival” under the label,
Mudpie Records. In 2018, he gained attention by releasing songs, “That’s A Lot” which got playlisted on
Channel O and “How You Like”. Following both songs, he continued his collaboration with American artists and
rappers as he released the song “Make It Clap”, on 25 October 2019.

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