DJ Jashmir wins 031 award and his #MyMaSeKind video gets five million TikTok views

There is no stopping KwaZulu-Natal producer and DJ Jashmir who has created another viral challenge and scooped a regional talent award. The 21-year-old is known for his viral remixes on the video-sharing platform and now he has done it again.

His #MyMaSeKind challenge hit more than five million views on TikTok this week. His creativity has made him a popular name on the South African TikTok scene and as one of TikTok’s music content creators, Jashmir helps to create local dance trends. He has earned the verified badge and has 18 500 followers.

Jashmir recently won his first award at South Africa’s The City Awards. This is a chain of award shows across the country which celebrates regional entertainment-industry achievements. The creative won 031 Producer of the Year in the Durban division. The nomination and win were a combination of his recent achievements, as well as votes, with fan able to vote from February onwards.

The #MyMaSeKind challenge officially launched at the end of July and had already hit 4.5-million views in the first week of August. This challenge is both a meme challenge where users have been using the line “Ma Se Kind”, and a dance challenge where users dance to the song.

In the week starting 17 August the challenge was on 5.4 million views and it is clear that South Africa is loving it. The song made its way to the Apple music dance charts, debuting at 113, and made the Apple TikTok Famous Songs playlist. The trend has been growing daily as South Africans can identify with and relate to it. The genre is mid-tempo bass house paired with a groovy bounce to get you up and dancing.

Jashmir also created the AmaiPhone challenge which has had 11.4-million views to date after going viral in early July. That remix entered the iTunes top 100 at 13 and stayed in the Top 100 for over a month. Read more about the #AmaiPhone challenge here.

Main Image: The South African