DJ Warras says alcohol is not a problem unless people abuse it

The Gagasi FM’s That Drive radio show host DJ Warras weighed in the ongoing debate that has dominated since the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that alcohol could be sold during level 3 of the lockdown.

Mr Shady Lurker took to Twitter to share his opinion on the decision that seems to be causing a split in the country. He believes that alcohol and the sale of alcohol is not the problem, but rather the abuse of alcohol is what gets to be the matter in question.

“Alcohol is not a problem. The industry employs thousands of people. The sale of alcohol contributes billions in taxes, but the abuse of alcohol is and has always been a problem in communities and homes — rich and poor.”

DJ Warras also recently shared his take on the continued ban on the sale of cigarettes under lockdown. Responding to an article about the research WHO has conducted with regard to smoking and its effect on the global pandemic of Covid-19, the DJ claimed that the research was weak and should not be entertained. He reasoned that the rationale in the research actually undermined the intelligence of human beings.

“The smoking research is weak. The fact that news outlets even entertain it is sad. The rationale is an insult to our intelligence. We have lost 300 million [rand] so far. Klaar! Cigarettes could have been further taxed for example, from day 1 — that tax would cover the cost of SANDF,” he said.

The radio DJ went on to say that, in his perspective, “The benefit the tax on cigarettes would have brought far outweighs ‘the health risk’ story we’re being fed.”

Main Image: GOXtranews