DJ Zinhle not concerned about what the public thinks of her romantic life with AKA

DJ Zinhle has opened up about her relationship with rapper AKA, explaining that the pair are no longer worried what people think and are embracing their romance.

The pair have been near inseparable since getting back together last year and the DJ told reporters that they are not hiding their romance.

“We are not hiding the fact we are back together,” she said.

She said the couple’s focus was on their daughter Kairo and making sure her childhood is filled with great moments.

“We are at a point in our relationship where we do not care too much about what people think. All we are concerned about is creating an environment that’s great for our child and making sure her childhood is filled with beautiful memories with mommy and daddy.”

Zinhle claimed that things are easier this time around and they had in the past worried what people might think.

“We are very comfortable in the relationship. Things are easier this time around and we don’t worry much about people’s opinions.

“Before we were too concerned about how people feel about our relationship, how we’re seen by the public and what we look like et cetera, but we have removed ourselves to focus on our child.”

Zinhle has previously been criticised for taking AKA back and has been labelled by tweeps as everything from “desperate” to a “shining example of forgiveness”.

In August she told Enhle Mbali on Yours Sincerely that she had no regrets about the decision.

“I don’t rob myself of things that I want and can acquire. The decision to be with the father of my child has nothing to do with my child. It sounds pompous when I say I acquire the things I want, and I don’t rob myself of things that I will question later. If there is an opportunity for me and someone to reconcile, and if I feel I want it, I will take a chance, because I don’t want to question myself four years later.” 

Zinhle told reporters back in January that she wanted to keep her relationship private, and was not bothered by people’s opinions.

“I feel like I am in an industry where my work and his (AKA’s) work speak for themselves. But it is really how much you let people into your personal space and how you let it affect you. I have learnt to really not let it affect me.”

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