DJ Zinhle can’t believe Kairo is 4 years old

Little Kairo, who is the daughter of music stars, AKA and DJ Zinhle, celebrates her fourth birthday today, Monday, July 8. She is one of the most adorable celeb children around.

DJ Zinhle is super-proud of her daughter, who also has her own verified Instagram account, which is managed by her grandma, AKA’s mom, Lynn Forbes. DJ Zinhle shared a few photos of Kairo on Twitter this morning, wishing her daughter a happy fourth birthday. DJ Zinhle can’t believe her daughter is already 4. See her tweet below:

Lynn Forbes also posted a few baby snaps of Kairo on her Instagram, to wish her granddaughter a happy birthday. Lynn captioned her post “Yesterday, when I was a baby” insinuating that she can’t believe how fast Kairo has grown.

A day before Kairo’s birthday, Lynn also posted a sweet message: “How do I put into words the gratitude I feel for the blessing of having you in our lives? #KairoTurns4” Lynn , who also manages Kairo’s Twitter account, posted snaps of Kairo and a cheeky message saying: “Happy birthday to me, myself and I. #Kairo turns 4!”

Kairo trending for a while on Twitter this morning with many of her fans posting birthday wishes to her. Kairo has more than 10 000 followers on Twitter and more than 500 000 on Instagram.

Meanwhile, earlier today, reported that AKA’s fans are a dedicated bunch – you have to give them that. The rapper shared a snap of him with his lady love, DJ Zinhle, and they were quick to point out that he doesn’t look very happy. AKA made his fans so happy when they realised that he got back together with the mother of his precious daughter, DJ Zinhle. The couple has been one of Mzansi’s favourites, but now fans are worried that things are not as they hoped.

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