DJ Zinhle reveals that she listens to Ami Faku’s music when she’s feeling down

DJ Zinhle has revealed that listening to Ami Faku’s songs uplift her spirit when she is feeling down.

Zinhle recently popped up on Ami’s mentions to brighten her day and speak about the impact her music has had on her. She added that Ami’s music keeps her going and make her feel alive again.

“Whenever I feel like my spirit is dying, I listen to your music. It helps feel alive again,” she wrote.

Ami has made a name for herself in the industry by releasing love songs that have comforted many – especially during the lockdown.

Last year she teamed up with Sun El Musician on Into Ingawe and released a single titled Love Drunk.

People’s stress levels are sky-high at the moment, so it’s clear they need songs like this to heal them emotionally and spiritually.

Like DJ Zinhle, we are here for the “healing” that Ami is bringing.

Main Image: Daneloo