Dr Dre will be paying wife Nicole Young $2m in spousal support

Dr. Dre has been paying his estranged wife Nicole Young – who he split from last summer after 24 years of marriage – around $293 000 a month but she has been campaigning for more, and now the producer has reportedly agreed to hand over the one-off payment, and he has agreed to pay her $2-million (about R30.7-million) in spousal support, which will cover the period from now until 14 April.

The $2-million will cover Nicole’s legal fees, living expenses and any other costs, however, according to The Blast, she will be responsible for her own security bills. Nicole has been asking for over $2-million a month but Dre’s lawyer, Laura Wasser previously told the court her client has been voluntarily paying all her expenses since they split.

The 55-year-old star has been paying for the Malibu estate she’s living in, security costs and even has cash delivered by messenger when she wants it and Dre’s accountant filed a declaration stating Nicole’s actual monthly expenses total $293 306.

Court documents confirmed: “Spousal Support filed by Nicole Young is continued to April 14, 2021 at 8:30am.” After that date, the former couple will have a court hearing to negotiate any future support.


Main Image: Entertainment Tonight