E-SA exclusive interview: DJ Fae Fae on her career| YFM & spinning our world around

A very rare combination of beauty, brains and focus – she goes by the name DJ Fae-Fae and not only is she spinning those decks around, but our world too… Real name Faith Makubung, is an exceptional female DJ who fuses her amazing technical and musical gifts with an infectious, energetic and passionate personality.

Getting to know DJ Fae Fae

It is without a doubt that DJ Fae Fae is here to make history and open a clear path for women empowerment in the industry. Having officially started her mixing career in 2019, she went out of her way to upskill and learn the DJing craft through the help of talented individuals like DJ Hudson.. On this journey, she was adamant about not giving any sexual favours for a slot in any gig or station.

Fae was given an opportunity by then YFM’s station manager, Tumelo Diaho- Monaheng, she slid into his DM’s to ask for an opportunity with the station and ever since, she hasn’t looked back.

Fae describes herself as a music lover and a ”strong and driven independent woman”

“I’ve always been passionate about music, and that’s why radio called my name because I love music, whichever genre, but I really really love hip-hop. I’m very independently empowered as a woman, very strong and confident, very outspoken but try by all means not to oppress other people’s opinions but it doesn’t mean I want to be forced down by someone else’s opinion as well” she explained.

Our channel’s presenter Tebogo Nkabinde sat down with the DJ during a tell-all interview and to our surprise, she is, and still will establish herself as a big brand – an indisputable fact when you follow her industry timeline.

Spoiler alert: Her life story and ambitions will blow your mind away – watch the full interview below:


Main Image: majesty