Champions League talking points: Liverpool or Real Madrid to win final?

The Champions League final will be between Liverpool and Real Madrid — a rematch of the 2018 final — in Paris on May 28 after two thrilling semifinal second-leg clashes ended with Manchester City and Villarreal eliminated.

The UEFA Champions League final 2022 will see Liverpool facing Real Madrid, in Paris, France on 28 May.

Real Madrid secured their place in the final after trailing behind Manchester City at home.

The second-leg of the semi-final between the Spanish side and the English Premier League’s current champions was held on Wednesday night at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Real Madrid went into the 2nd leg on the back-foot, with City securing a 1-0 aggregate advantage against the La Liga title holders.

City’s Champions League curse persists

Carlo Ancelotti’s men were hanging on until City seemingly secured their place in the final with a 73-minute goal.

Their victory was short-lived as Real Madrid came back from near death to score two goals in the 90th and 91st minutes to tie against their English rivals.

This meant both teams braved another 30-minutes of play, where Real Madrid sealed their place with a penalty by Karim Benzema.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City have never won a UEFA Champions League title and the closest City have come in the UCL was in the final against Chelsea last year.

Chelsea went on to win it by 1-0.

The last time Spanish manager, Pep Guardiola won a UCL title was in 2010/11 with Barcelona.

City’s Champions League curse continues with the only title the club is hanging onto this season being the English Premier League.

Of course, rivals Liverpool will be hoping the loss in Spain affects City psychologically and they drop points in the remaining 4 games of the league.

Liverpool secured their place in the UCL final against Villa Real on Tuesday, 3 May after their Spanish counterparts levelled against them with 2 goals.

It came down to the wire as the Reds defended their 2-0 aggregate lead and bounced back with 3 second-half goals to advance with a 5-2 aggregate.

Liverpool are currently in the best form, having won all 6 of their away Champions League fixtures but they are the underdogs against Real Madrid.

Main Image: Sporting News