“Edwin Sodi and I are in a happy, healthy and private relationship”: Kefilwe Mabote

The multi-award-winning fashion influencer Kefilwe Mabote has broken her silence after she reached the top of the trends list last week when her boyfriend, Edwin Sodi’s assets were seized. She has made it clear that her and her man are in a happy, healthy and private relationship. Edwin Sodi well known for going after the pretty ladies is allegedly the same man responsible for the break up of Proverb’s marriage as well as having a child with Jub Jub’s ex girlfriend.

The National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA’s) Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) seized multiple luxury cars from the politically connected businessman and his company Blackhead Consulting after he and six others were charged in court last week for fleecing the Free State government of R255 million through an allegedly corrupt asbestos audit contract.

The AFU acquired a provisional restraint order against Sodi and his co-accused, allowing it to seize around R300-million in assets, including, which include a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Bentley Continental and several Mercedes’ and Ford Rangers were all seized.

Kefilwe and Edwin

There were rumours right after that about Kefilwe’s cars being taken away as well, which she simply responded to by posting snapshots of herself driving around in her cars.

The couple was on the headlines, and Kefilwe was quiet the whole time, up until this week when she broke her silence this week stating she would be suing tabloid publication Sunday World.

“Naturally, I am never one for confrontation, regardless of my social media presence and influence as a public figure. However, the article was very misleading, derogatory and defamatory as it was insinuating that I am a “slay queen” who is presumably on a “bedroom roll” of wealthy men, particularly Edwin Sodi.”- she took to her Instagram.

“Edwin and I are in a happy, healthy and private relationship and do not have any business affiliations with each other”, read the statement. Kefilwe said that the article by the publication brought her brand into disrepute.


Main Image: Zambia News