Emtee blasts African Americans: ‘They think we uneducated’

Emtee has taken to social media to voice out his concerns about African Americans who he claims look down on Africans.

With a tweet from out of the blue, the rapper took to Twitter to bash African Americans who he claims perceive Africans as “dirty, ugly and smelly”, telling them that despite what they may think about people of this continent, “we are warriors down here”.

The rapper also weighed in on a discussion about rappers being shot in the US, saying that “being a rapper was a dangerous job”.

However, a tweep stepped in and remarked that rappers in America were the ones who got shot, not their counterparts in SA.

Emtee begged to differ and dropped some knowledge on the tweep, saying that even in SA rappers get “played”.

“You don’t see how we getting played?! Ma’fu**as think we uneducated, the hood get mad the more you come up. Come on man. Yeah don’t shoot each other or nun but people is raping our culture dawg,” Emtee told the tweep.

Main Image: Bon News