Emtee debuts reworked version of his sneakers collection and fans are impressed

Let’s be honest South Africa, who needs some Yeezy’s anymore when we’ve got our very own Emtee’s personalized sneakers that are half the price and double the quality?

The hustle continues for rapper Emtee, who has debuted a new collection of his sneakers. The rapper turned-businessman recently launched his own sneakers, but fans were not impressed by how they looked calling them “ugly.”

Responding to the hate Emtee promised that he will work on them.

The rapper seems to have gone back to the drawing board, and now he is back with a new collection.

The new sneakers have left fans in awe and some said they would not mind buying them. Fans have encouraged many South Africans to support Emtee’s business.

Congratz Emtee, we will definitely buy a few pairs of those dope sneakers!

Main Image: Zkhiphani