Emtee waging war against Blaq Diamond for their big SAMA win?

Emtee is ‘waging war’, as some fans put it, against the award winning duo Blaq Diamond after their big SAMA win for Record Of The Years.

The rapper did not join Mzansi in congratulating the duo for their win, instead he laughed it off, demeaning their victory.

Perhaps the lack of excitement for their win stems from his rivalry with former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, as Blaq Diamond is signed under them.

Not only are they signed with Ambitiouz, they partnered up with them for the creation of a new record label.

It’s no secret that Emtee still holds a major grudge against former disgraced record label Ambitiouz as anything related to the company is not good enough for him.

After their win was announced, Emtee simply laughed it off, and his fans joined in on the fun.

Here is his reaction:

Main Image; Daily Scoop Magazine