Enhle Mbali demands additional half a million rand from Black Coffee for leisure expenses

Businesswoman and fashion idol Enhle Mbali is on a journey of recovering after her split from internationally renowned DJ Black Coffee. But her recovery and moving on requires an additional half a million rands from her former husband DJ Black Coffee.

According to Enhle, this lump sum of money is for leisure expenses.

The former couple separated last year however, the divorce has now come to a halt due to Enhle’s demands. According to Sunday World, the actress claims to have become a stay at home mother, because her then husband forbid her from doing romantic scenes, resulting in her losing many gigs.

Enhle Mbali Allegedly Demands 500 000 For Holidays From Black Coffee -  ZAlebs

“I also was under pressure from the respondent to not take up acting events as he would not accept me doing any romantic or intimate scenes. This demand by the respondent immediately caused many TV production companies and with numerous projects that I had been lined up for, to cancel or drop me from their lists of actresses” read the statement.

According to Sunday World, Enhle stated the she wanted the DJ to settle her legal fees costing R4 million, which excludes her other demands of R131 000 monthly maintenance, R17, 800 for her beauty expenses, medical expenses and a R30, 000 monthly stipend.

The actress is now allegedly demanding R500 000 for her annual holiday, revealing that the DJ earns an income of R100 million per annum and is more than capable of providing these demands .

The paper claims that Black Coffee manipulated Enhle into signing an antenuptial agreement which she now wants to be declared by the court as null and void.

Main Image: MSN.com