Could this be Bonang’s new man? Twitter detectives have cracked the code!

Twitter is going crazy! Bonang has a new man and the thought of it being one of the Major league Duo is driving Twitter nuts!

Sit down sis, let’s balance you!

The Dj and the media mogul pictured sitting side by side with Banele’s hand around Bonang while she was leaning over her drink looking cozy giggling and laughing as lovers would. Another source claim that they were in Vilakazi Street in Soweto while the presenter seemingly gifted Banele a bottle of her champagne (House of BNG) with the Djs latest EP on it.

It got more interesting when the media mogul took to twitter that she and her baby are going to have a wonderful life, and as expected nosy Tweeps started asking who the mystery man was and it wasn’t until one Tweep asked if he was a Dj? And people noticed that tweet was retweeted on the Djs Twitter page.

The Dj, Banele Mbere is said to be the beautiful blogger’s ex, Mihlali though she denies it.

On the 23 of August, the Dj posted a series of pictures and videos of himself jet-skiing when a fan suggested on B’s page that she and Banele should make a baby. To our surprise, she replied “Lol!! Banele, whatchu say Papi? Shall we?” Banele’s response was: “Haha let’s do it. Alu needs a sibling.”

Do you think the Twitter detective solved this cased or they missed the mark terribly? Many of Bonangs fans seem to think the Dj is cute but way out of Bonang’s league, what do you think?

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Written By: Thabile Jaku

Source: Zalebs