FOMO on Konka fun spills over into hilarious TikTok clip [watch]

Upmarket Sowetan nightclub Konka has been making waves online for various reasons. It’s a place where Mzansi’s richest go to flaunt their ample cash and less fortunate folk apparently dream of going.

One of those people whom has been dreaming of living it up at Konka is a young man who took things into his own hands by desperately trying to recreate a Konka vibe for himself.


Sowetan nightclub Konka has been on people’s lips for the past few weeks. This after photos and videos revealed that the who’s who of South Africa go there to spend thousands of rands on alcohol and hubbly bubblies.

The photos and videos have left many South Africans quite intrigued while others have simply shrugged the place off as too expensive for them.

A man from Mpumalanga, in particular, has found himself fascinated with the flashy hangout and set out to recreate his own Konka vibes. In a clip that has since gone viral on Twitter, the young man is seen drinking from a fake jug while smoking a home-made hookah pipe.

At one point in the clip, he even shows viewers his fake R100 000 bill, something that commonly happens at Konka. On the bill there are a number of drinks and beverages that cost outrageous amounts of money – this is a clear jab at Konka as well.


The clip got the attention of many who perhaps relate to his Konka FOMO. Here are some of their comments:

@Mmabatho0 said:

“Those shoes send me off.”

@Hloni_Deeds said:

“We must go back to level 4 ai never.”

@Iam_Mbhele said:

“Don’t forget the T-shirt. LV baba.

Main Image: Youtube