Former radio host Shaffie Weru stuns Betty Kyallo

Everyone is obsessed with something and given the chance, we would all invest in that obsession. For Shaffie, his obsession is with shoes and to use the term obsession in itself is sort of an understatement.

The 39-year old has a superb collection of all types of shoes, from casual, to swanky to official and based on what he showed Betty, his shoe collection is probably worth millions.

In the video seen by, the self-styled chairperson of the infamous Team Mafisi revealed his shoe collection would have been much larger had he not been robbed a little over three years ago.

“Three years ago while I was at the states my help calls me and she tells me they have been robbed. My first question is whether they got to the shoes and she said yes,” he explained. Regardless, he managed to pick himself up and his shoe collection now entails a number of swanky jordans and Bugatti boots. Shaffie actually revealed in the interview that his favorite pair was the Bugatti Boots which go for a staggering KSh 40,000 a pair.

For a gentleman to have such a huge collection of shoes, fans are worried that the fact that he is no longer a radio kingpin at Kiss might have an adverse effect on his lifestyle.

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