Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe gives women tips on how to cheat

Socialite and businesswoman Huddah Monroe shared to women why they should cheat. The cosmetics dealer noted that men make a conscious decision to cheat on their spouses but if the tables are turned they wouldn’t stomach the pain.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah advised the ladies to cheat back and make sure the man knows. She opined that men only cheat because of greed.

“Men act like women don’t get **** thrown at them every minute… But we respect ourselves enough,” she wrote.
Cheating therefore or wanting to have multiple women is greed and lack of self-control. What a man can do a woman can do even better. Women are just more respectful until respect is no longer served and they move.”
The Kenyan businesswoman now residing in Dubai further explained that women only cheat if they have feelings for the other man.

Huddah Monroe

“Once a woman cheats it only means she has feelings for that other person or always wanted that person coz their men aren’t available. If you cant the imagination that your woman can cheat on you then before doing it ask yourself What would I do if she did it to me,” said Huddah.

Monroe noted that both genders get tempted and cheating shouldn’t be accepted in unions. “Mean cheating is an abomination in 2021. Cheating shouldn’t be accepted,” the beauty business mogul said.

“If he does it do it and make sure he finds out. Whether it’s a ratio of 20:1. There is no way God created the world without balance. Just trying to push the narrative it’s a man’s world.”

Kenyan male celebrities have been caught up in cheating scandals and some have seen their sex tapes released on social media platforms after refusing to be blackmailed. This happened to DJ Creme.

The internet was awash with all kinds of speculation and insults levelled at the DJ. Nobody ever thought the DJ would be able to raise his head and show his face ever again. His wife stayed all the same, and today it is as if this scandal never happened at all.