Most expensive funeral in Africa? Obi Cubana gets tongues wagging after extravagant funeral of his mom

Obi Cubana, a popular multi-millionaire businessman, entrepreneur, show promoter and full-fledged Igbo man, recently hosted the funeral ceremony of his mother, Ezinne Iyiebu. The events that took place at the burial have proven to us that when a rich man buries his mother, it is only fair for him to flex a bit.

Notable men and women like Kanayo o. Kanayo, Ubi Franklin, Emeka Okonkwo and others graced the occasion.

Stories of the almost obscene and extravagant display of wealth at the funeral of Obi Cubana‘s mother have dominated the African internet the last few days.

Obi’s mother left this earth at the age of 75, yet, seven months later, the show business and entertainment mogul had the most extravagant funeral in the Nigerian internet era.

During the funeral days, Obi and his army of wealthy friends threw the events in Oba into the consciousness of Nigerians and excitedly shared their opulence every minute on social media, mostly Instagram.

From Obi’s N50m pendants with his mother’s photo on them to hordes of currencies sprayed with wanton recklessness – it wasn’t just the normal way to spray individual banknotes, they tossed blocks of embossed banknotes, and several banks had gold bars and security guards ready to move cash into their branches.

Crates of Azul, a drink that cost more than N3 million a bottle, were shared in bulk. The businessman and his wealthy friends stopped at nothing to put on a show.

Money bags like Jowizaza, Ned Okonkwo, Henry Iyke, Justine Obiajunwa, Emeka Esomonu, Chima Desmond Anyaso, Nnamdi Chu Iyiegbu, Ugochukwu Harvey Igboanugo, Handsome Mike from Lagos, Prophet Odumeye, Francis Nwaogwugwu, Quincy Okoh, Akin Alaba, Olakunle Churchill, Peter Obi, Escoba Smith, Andrea Williams of Betro furniture, Emma Bishop Okonkwo, Shina Peller and so many others took turns visiting Obi at his mansion in Oba and joined the avid riches.

Celebrities marched in too; Davido and D’banj could be seen from highlights of the burial ceremony gracing the event with their musical performances.

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Other celebrities at the event include Alexx Ekubo, Phyno, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Ubi Franklin, and BBNaija’s Frodd.


Since there was no functioning airport in the state of Anambra, the guests flew by private planes to Asaba and Owerri, from where they drove in their convoys to Oba.

Oge, an employee at Asaba International Airport, told reportes on Thursday, July 12, he counted about 41 private planes on the airport runway.

“What I’ve seen in Oba, I’ve never seen an event before. It was really amazing stuff, Raymond Iyieli, Founder of Rayz TV, a social and celebrity platform that covered the event.

The extravagant funeral offered several opportunities for the regular guests of Oba.

The most elaborate funeral?

With the bold display of wealth, the seventy-year-old’s funeral, which had the trappings of a feast, got Nigerians talking.

Some have dubbed it “Funeral of the Year” while debates have raged about the most elaborate funeral in Nigerian society.

Watch the full mind-blowing funeral below:

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