RHOP Reunion Part 3: Nicki Minaj Makes Surprise Appearance to Guest Host — and She’s Taking Sides

Earlier in the episode, Andy went into the star’s dressing room to prep her for the big moment, teasing that the Housewives were going to “flip out” when they saw her. 

“We’ve been shooting for hours, we’re all a little ragged,” he said. “You are going to do your own thing. Anyone that you feel like when you walk out there, should be like ‘uh oh’?” 

“Possibly Ashley. Child, when she walked her butt up out of that house … to ream somebody about their husband and family, I wasn’t feeling that,” she said, referencing the drama from the group’s trip to Williamsburg.  

Nicki also said she may talk to Candiace, 34, about her burgeoning music career. 

“People said to me that if I spoke to Candiace about her music that she might be sad or take it the wrong way, but I don’t think she should take it the wrong way,” she told Andy. 

Andy Cohen and Nicki Minaj

Andy Cohen and Nicki Minaj | CREDIT: NICKI MINAJ/INSTAGRAM

“Well, I’m excited because you actually can take sides and you’re actually going to say your opinions,” he said of temporarily giving up his hosting role.

“Everybody hear that? So don’t be telling me that I did my job wrong — Andy gave me permission that I can take sides,” Nicki teased as Andy confirmed, “Yes, you can.”

When it came time for her to begin hosting, Nicki didn’t hold back or waste any time when it came to grilling each of the cast members on their season 6 behavior — but she did give a warning first.

“Now, before we start, y’all, I want to tell you, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love and respect you, okay? I love the show,” she said. “So, even though I have a job to do, asking you questions, you should just have fun with it. Because these are questions courtesy of me and the Barbz.”

“This is the butter up. This is the reasonable, here comes the shady,” Gizelle, 51, joked, referencing her and Robyn’s podcast, Reasonably Shady.

Then Nicki asked about Ashley and Gizelle’s confrontation with Wendy, 37, in Williamsburg over some false blog rumors that her husband Eddie was cheating.

“My first question is, Ashley: First of all I want to say I love seeing you with your boys. But to me, because you had just had a baby and you wanted to be home, rightfully so, with your babies, it seemed like you didn’t have much of a storyline. So is that why you were willing to be Gizelle’s sidekick and be shady to Wendy?” she asked.

“No, no, no,” Ashley, 33, protested, but Nicki continued, “You ain’t lug your breast milk down there to start some drama, to be petty, so you can get more camera time?”

“No Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, listen,” Ashley began, but she was interrupted again.

“Are you going to dispute that?” Nicki said, causing Candiace to intervene on Ashley’s behalf.

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“Can I just say, she gave birth literally like two weeks into filming,” said Candiace, who usually feuds with Ashley.

“She should’ve stayed home,” Nicki responded.

“But she got work, we got work,” Candiace added, to which Nicki replied, “Woah, Candy girl.”

Part four of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion airs Nov. 28 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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