Terry Pheto is not impressed by ama2000’s ‘crusty and s**t’ viral video

Many people have shared a laugh over a viral video of a boy taunting his grandmother, but Terry Pheto is not impressed and has slammed the boy for being disrespectful.

The video of the boy recording his grandmother while she heads out to bin garbage was shared widely on social media this week. In it, the boy can be heard telling his gran, “You are not tekateking, you are just old and crusty and s**t”.

He later apologises to her, saying he didn’t know what he was doing.

The video has sparked a huge reaction online, with Twitter split over whether it is funny or just plain disrespectful.

Terry weighed in on the debate, telling her followers that she found nothing funny about the way the boy spoke to his gran, adding that she would never tolerate such nonsense.

Maybe I’m too old but there’s nothing funny about a child calling their grandmother ‘crusty and s**t’. A ka kwenya meno so fast he’ll be the one teka-teking,” she wrote.

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