It was just a fish guys! Zambia mourns the death of ”supernatural” pond fish

You might want to stay from frying any fish if you live in or around Kitwe, Zambia. This comes after the death of a very popular ”Supernatural fish called ”Mafishi”.

Mafishi, which means “Big Fish” for the local Bemba language, is believed to about 22 years old and has been living in a university pond for more than 20 years.

The University of Copperbelt, so they call it, has been keeping the fish in their premises and wants to investigate the death of ”Mafishi”. We are not sure how the investigations will be conducted, but we suggest putting down notes on a Sunday meal ideas notebook.

For the past two decades, CBU students believed that the fish was a form of god and it would bring them good luck for exams, while others call it a stress reliever.

News of Mafishi’s death hit Zambia Twitter trends on Monday night.

President Edgar Lungu quoted Mahatma Gandhi in honour of the fish and said: ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Opposition leader, Oga Hichilema wrote: “We stand with CBU student community, past and present, following the death of iconic pet Mafishi.”

Zambia Higher Education Minister Brian Mushimba also took to Twitter to mourn the fish and wrote:

University students lit candles and marched around the premises on Monday night to mourn Mafishi:


Can we at least mourn the fish with a nice Sunday lunch? Anyone?

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Main Image: BBC