JK’s letter to Pilato

Dear Pilato…

You may hate President Lungu with reasons known to yourself but there’s no need to discredit him in a manner that you even start insulting him. Despite being President, he’s a parent, he’s a well respected husband, he has his own private life that he leads.

Politics of this kind should be condemned by all well meaning Zambians. You may be right with your criticism against him but you need to give him respect as an elder.

Criticism is good for people to improve in whatever they are doing but addressing an elder person in the manner you do is not acceptable. President Lungu may have his own weaknesses and i believe you can find better words to use in your songs not such kind of insulting words you use.

Let us learn to practice proper Freedom of speech not what we are witnessing today. I know you are paid by a certain political party to demean the head of state but i would like to urge you to make sure you use your freedom of speech well. Don’t provoke the situation so that they can arrest you and make it seem like the PF government is bad. I know that’s the intention.

Mr Chama Fumba (Pilato), remember that respect is cardinal and we all want it including you, don’t you think the President also deserves it? We all know you don’t like President Lungu but please try to respect him just like you would want other people to respect your father. If that’s not possible then try to respect the Presidency. One day President Lungu will not be President, whoever will be in that office will require respect which is very normal, it’s a trend.

The President has the capacity to do anything he want on you, his quietness shouldn’t be mistaken to weakness, you and i know very well that the head of state holds a very powerful whip which he can’t even use on you because you are too small for it. Remember, President Lungu also has his supporters who may get upset because their leader has been disrespected and i believe the end results may not be good, but that’s not what i’m encouraging. Please don’t be used and pretend to be on your own.

Criticize the President all you want but please, mind the words you use.


Upset JK.

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