The era of plastic jeans killing what’s left of the fashion world?

Is it us not rolling with the times, or has the fashion world completely lost it with the latest trending designs?

With the internet’s response to the new plastic jeans advertised by Topshop, we think the answer to that is yes, the fashion world has completely lost it this time around.

The global fashion retailer Topshop took down their plastic jeans on their website after being dragged all day by the internet for trying to sell them as a thing. They were selling jeans that are see-through, made of plastic, at $100 a pop! On today’s conversion rate, that would be R1, 300!

Just like us, Twitter didn’t hold back at expressing their concerns about these overboard jeans, here’s what some users had to say:

Really? We can save some room for bikinis, Good American Jeans, Bermudas, and some thongs, but these….. would you?

Picture credit: Life & Style

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