Euphonik not stressed by people looking for Durban July tickets

Euphonik’s got 99 problems, but people looking for Durban July tickets ain’t one of them.

It’s that time of the year when partygoers do the most to get to Durban for the festivities, and DJ Franky nailed the problem right on the head when he took to Twitter to vent about people looking for favours.

“Most DJs in SA have received something like this, this week: ‘Craving a trip’, ‘Take me to Durban this week’, ‘I need tickets’, ‘Hey….’, ‘I need a favour’, (or) ‘I wanna be in Durban this week’. Tapeworms just don’t stop! Go away!! Try the forex scammers,” he wrote.

Responding to DJ Franky’s dilemma, Euphonik flexed a little and said he doesn’t get those questions.

You see, Euphonik is living his best life somewhere where you “need visas and passports” to visit.

Where is this place?

According to his recent tweets, wherever he is, there is a beach view and endless cocktails.

Fans and friends, including NaakMusiq and Black Coffee, flooded Euphonik’s comment section with their responses to his comments.

Here are some of our favs.

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