Faith Nketsi was left desperate in Cyprus !

Faith Nketsi, formerly known as Queen Twerk, has built quite an impressive career for herself from her beauty and body. The dancer turned model and fitness bunny has over a million followers watching as she travels both the continent and the world. 

Faith is not one stranger to drama. She has had videos of her performing sexual acts leaked, been accused of running a prostitution ring, and the list goes on. But Faith Nketsi still remains to be one of the most influential women on social media. 

This fame has proved to be profitable for Faith. She has jetsetted with the likes of A$AP Rocky and French Montana. Not to mention her appearance in Cassper Nyovest’s music video. Faith gets flown around the world to appear at events, but this time everything went left! 

Faith took to Instagram to share with fans that she has been left stranded in
Cyprus, an island country in the Mediterranean, thanks to some “unprofessional” event organisers.

Faith was booked to appear at the AfroLAvida Music Festival this week but organizers were incompetent with artists they booked. Faith shared they were “treated like slaves upon arrival” in Cyprus.

In a slue of IG stories, Faith explained what happened. First, they were not paid their full fee. Although a deposit was made, Faith’s team was promised the balance upon arrival but that did not happen. They were also promised return flights from South Africa to the Mediterranean but only realized when boarding  that they did not have tickets home. “I was sent a return ticket when I was in South Africa only to find out when I was boarding in turkey already that I actually don’t have a ticket back home, I would have never left home if I knew I didn’t have a return flight…” explains Faith. They also refused to pay their hotel food bill, claiming it was “too expensive”.

Apparently Faith is not the only one experiencing this with her also sharing that other acts left without their full payment! She was booked by BrainLeads Entertainment and has resorted to social media to get them to pay up their rest of her money. She posted screenshots of a conversation with someone who also attended the event. 

She even went as far as posting voice notes further explaining the incident with Brain Leads Entertainment team members. They also allegedly threatened Faith and her team when they rightfully asked for their outstanding balance. You’re such an animal. “You have no decorum and humility” said an emotional Faith in the caption, “You’re actually a wolf covered in sheep skin now that I think about it.”

Too many promoters and event organizers get away with treating talent like trash. This situation is not only upsetting, but scary. Imagine thinking you’re going to work according to an agreed upon contract and someone makes you this scared and stressed from 7,000km away from home. 

Luckily, Faith did end up getting a ticket back home. The influencer said she just wanted to share her experience with the fraudulent entertainment company to warn future acts when they are approached. 

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