Fans call out Prince Kaybee for working with ”abusive” Mampintsha Kaybee apologised for working with Mampintsha after receiving backlash earlier this month.

This comes after the DJ released a video on himself and Mampintsha in studio working on a song.

After he released the video, Kaybee’s fans called him out for working with a man that has been accused of gender-based violence in the past.

Taking to Twitter, the award-winning music maker apologised for his “lack of judgement” and “insensitivity”.

He started the Twitter thread by saying, “My recent collaboration with Mampintsha was received with overwhelming love and criticism from my fans. While (the) majority of the audience loved the song others were not happy with me for teaming up with a man who has been accused of GBV”.

He said that looking back he understands the backlash he received. “Some of you vehemently expressed the opposition and disappointment. I’m grateful that as an artist I have fans who are able to caution me when I’m wrong and this is one of the case where looking back, working with Mampintsa could have offended some of my followers”.

“I would like to profusely and unreservedly apologize for my lack of judgment and insensitivity. I believe that (the)best form of apology is changed behaviour and making efforts to self-correct by acting”, he added.

The “Fetch You Life” hitmaker went on to say that he would be donating 50% of the proceeds made from the collaboration to charities working with GBV victims.

“While this action will not reverse the pain and damage caused by Gender based violence, I’ve decided to donate 50% of the proceeds of my collaboration and Mampintsa to charities and organizations that are working hard to stop the scourge of violence against women”.

In March last year, Mampintsha and his girlfriend, Babes Wodumo made international headlines when a video of him slapping Babes went viral.

He was later charged with assault but said he acted in self-defence.

Following the incident, the couple rekindled their romance and last month Babes released a new album that features Mampintsha on almost all the songs.

Main Image: Daily Scoop Magazine