Fans not impressed with Pearl Thusi talking about ‘colourism’ hate with Khanyi Mbau

TV personality and actress, Pearl Thusi has found herself in heat with fans after a video of herself having a conversation with Khanyi Mbau talking about colourism went viral.

Last week’s episode of ‘Behind The Story’ with Khanyi Mbau revealed Pearl Thusi’s come up and how she landed her big break in the industry. Khanyi revealed how she was told that she will land herself a presenting role on The Real Goboza, in which her ex-lover sabotaged her by leaking her nudes that landed her in hot water with the broadcaster.

The call to inform Khanyi that she was off the show made way for Pearl Thusi who was next in line and made her big break in the industry. We all thought things couldn’t get worse than that, until, Pearl Thusi broke down on her show while chatting to Khanyi Mbau.

Pearl expressed how exhausted she was about being always attacked online and her recent Twitter drag due to her colourism comments. This comes after she posted a snap on Twitter wearing a sizzling bikini, showing off her sexy summer body but she got dragged by Black Twitter for her Brown Skin Girl caption.

Fans fell in love with how Khanyi responded to Thusi saying she was sorry she felt that way and that she felt Pearl needed to heal. “I’m not going to baby you and say ya I understand, hey girl we all have been through a lot get over it. Block the noise and be you”- she said.

Tweeps felt like the show was more about ‘Behind The Story’ host than it was about Khanyi Mbau, as she was the one steering the whole conversation and Pearl Thusi was sharing about herself instead.



Main Image: eNCA