10 rules all men with good fashion taste should follow

Dressing well on a consistent basis might seem like a daunting task, especially if you are or ever were the kind of man who doesn’t consider themselves an expert on fashion. However, by following a few simple rules, you can make a serious statement and transform your wardrobe in the process.

Here are 10 rules that will never do you wrong:

1.Invest in a good time piece:  It is believed that a good watch says a lot about the kind of person you are and because they are a personal it helps mark your passage through the perfect size is -40mm ‘Goldilocks size’

2.Always wear good undergarments (Vests and Underwear’s): A good, clean and well-fitting undergarment leave you feeling good about yourself and I believe that it contributes to the outcome of the way you dress or feel about yourself in public.

3. Own at least one full black slim fit suit: Have you ever heard of the saying a man in a suit is like a lady in a beautiful lingerie. It is important only because one, black is a simple but elegant and can be worn multiple times but styled differently to then make you look like you’re dressed in different black formal attires.

4.Invest in a good fragrance:First impressions can either make or break you because they count, imagine walking in a room well-dressed but the way you smell does not turn heads. Now fragrances can be quite costly YSL to Tom Ford but that does not mean you can’t smell great. I would advise every gentleman to purchase deodorants and sprays that have oud or brut in them because they last longer.

5.Know the type of glasses that suit you: It is estimated that people spend an average 7 minutes picking a pair of glasses that will define them for the next 3 years or more, don’t buy a pair because of the trend but buy something that fits and feels good on your face.

6.Stay away from prints on your jeans: Prints don’t really work on denim for guys in 2020. Instead, keep it plain navy blue or light blue jeans (skinny or loose) – these should do the trick for any outfit of choices.

7.Match your shoe and belt: These 2 items catch anybody’s attention especially at an important events or evenings (wedding, business meeting or date nights) because you are dressed in a suit and every detail count.

8.Choosing the right sock: Never wear white socks to a formal occasion, keep them for sportswear or events. The more formal the occasion the darker your socks should be and ensure that your socks are always darker than your trousers.

9.Dress for the occasion: Its understandable to modernize your looks from time to time but do not try to overdo it. For example, wearing a formal suit with a pair of low-cut sneakers at a formal function, this may be stylish and trendy but not for this occasion or environment

10.Wear clothes that fit properly : This a very important rule because it important to look good in clothing that fits correctly on your body at all times to avoid looking hideous advice as a fashion forward man always do a wardrobe check after 6 to 8 months to get rid of damaged worn out and ill fitting clothes. If you really like a clothing item feel free to spend more money and purchase it again.


Rules are made to be broken but fashion rules can’t be broken at any point in time, always keep all this in mind to remain stylish and representative and remember fashion is timeless.

Main Image: D’Marge