G-Star RAW partners with local artists to launch a hot, new exclusive collection

Since 1989, G-Star RAW has pushed the boundaries of denim design, manifesting its own vision of the future by introducing “luxury denim” for the streets through pioneering styles. Hardcore Denim is the philosophy that expresses the brand’s obsession with denim; the cloth, the craft and the history. It pushes G-Star to invent, explore and take craftsmanship to another level – down to the smallest detail – and with a strong belief that there is no limit to what denim can do. With innovation, sustainability and creativity at its core, the brand pursues to define the next generation of denim with respect for people and planet.

Johannesburg, South Africa – International fashion giant G-Star RAW has released the third season of its pinnacle collection: Exclusives by G-Star RAW

The newly launched collection is a combination of radical designs inspired by early-twentieth century flight-suits and army garments, and G-Star RAW denim classics.

Designed with limitless creativity to exceed standards, Exclusives by G-Star RAW brings reinvention and innovation to every stitch, seam and rivet. Timeless icons for men and women, spliced with the unique DNA of the G-Star RAW brand.

The collection boasts an impressive range of bold and complex garments, featuring multiple layered shells and functions, as G-Star’s signature utility aesthetics are taken to the extreme. Every item has its own narrative.

For heritage month G-Star RAW celebrates the creative expression of Rap and Hip-Hop in South Africa, by featuring local artists in its Exclusives by G-Star RAW collection.

Rap and Hip-Hop artists Moozlie, Shane Eagle, YoungstaCPT and Courtnaé Paul, wear the Exclusives collection in a series of fashion imagery shot by award-winning, contemporary, multimedia visual artist, Trevor Stuurman.

Expect boxy silhouettes and refined details with superior construction techniques, patched big square pockets and premium fabrics such as 100% chambray linen, strong recycled polyester canvas, Italian Selvedge and Japanese denim.

G-Star RAW – dedicated to the cloth, the craft, the culture, and the history of denim.


Collection highlights worn by Shane include:
E Alum Relaxed Tapered PM jeans R4999
E Utility Mesh Vest R3999
GSRR 3D Pilotte Cuffed Jeans R5999
GSRR Combat Shirt R5999
E Relaxed Tapered Cargo Pants R5999
E Utility Cropped Shirt R5199

Collection highlights worn by Moozlie include:

Engineered Rib Tank Top Dress C R999
E Trench in Dark Black R9999
E Multipocket Maxi Dress R7699
E Windbreaker R5999
E Cargo Pants 2 in 1 R7999
E Mosquito Multipocket Parka R5999

Collection highlights worn by YoungstaCPT include:
E Coach Jacket R4899
E Karate Shorts R2999
E Scutar 3D Slim Tapered Adjusters Jeans R5299
E Pencil Case Regular Overshirt R4999
Pocket logo T-shirt R899
Mix Woven Cargo T-shirt R1499
E luggage cargo pants 2 in 1 R9999

Collection highlights worn by Courtnaé Paul include:
E Tedie Ultra High Straight Jeans R5399
E Utility Sleeveless Jacket R3999
3D Ultra-high Fatigue Pants R1999
E Bomber Jacket R5999
E Aero Straight Jumpsuit R5299

The collection is available online now –www.gstarraw.com.

Main Image: Hype Magazine