‘Our dove of peace’: Lalela Mswane’s national costume is a hit [video]

Lalela Mswane has finally shown off her national costume, and she did so on the Miss Universe stage.

The Miss SA winner revealed the look which embodied a white dove, symbolising “peace”.

The look consisted of a white bodysuit covered in white feathers. Lalela also wore a an elaborate headpiece and donned a pair of ballet slippers.


Lalela – also a professional ballerina – moved across the stage en pointe whilst showing the all-white costume. 

Miss SA organisation described her costume in a social media post. It read: “Lalela Mswane represents her nation, culture and its spirit of Ubuntu. A nation that has shown that lasting peace can be achieved. She is honoured to bring this message of hope to the global stage. 

“Lalela is dressed in a white bodysuit with subtle feathers printed to serve as a base for the feathered arms covered in white pheasant feathers to transform Miss South Africa into a dove of peace.

Main Image: African