Transforming your office day look to date night look

Most ladies can attest to going through the experience of going  from straight from work to either a date or night out with the girls.. Depending on the fashion leniency of your workplace, the pant/shirt combo really doesn’t quite cut it for cocktails with your girlfriends. But lugging a duffel bag of spare clothes to change into after work is enough to put a stopper on the idea also!

Well its very possible to balance both looks without stressing too much about it.  The key is to select a versatile statement piece which is both work-friendly and fashion savvy to transform your outfit from day to night. Then, all you have to worry about is the finer details like accessories and shoes, that can change the entire outfit completely.


  1. A classic black dress

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This is a ‘safe’ enough to carry you throughout the day at the office, and can easily be glammed up for night. The trick here is to look for a black dress with an edge. This Shakuhachi long sleeve black dress is perfect for both day and night dressing. The interesting details found in the geometric detailed lace and mesh mini slip is enough to make it special for a night-time soiree, while the full length sleeves and elegant high neckline is versatile enough for work. To dress it up, add a pair of statement drop earrings and select heels which are comfortable enough to take you from day to night; think a strappy kitten heel or even ankle boots.


  1. A modern pantsuit

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This has been given an overhaul and has been a favourite red carpet alternative to a dress. Actress Evan Rachel Wood recently wowed the crowd when she chose to wear a custom pantsuit at this year’s Golden Globes. The best thing about this is that the pantsuit can just as well adapt to your daytime office wear, and re-adapt to night-time play.  For the perfect day to night outfit you can be easily transform with a stacked heel and a statement cuff.


  1. A peplum dress

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This is a go to, it is one of those miracle outfits that maintain a corporate feel but with a playful twist. Much like Matthew McConaughey in a suit. So it’s no wonder why this one makes the list of perfect day to night outfits. If you feel a little too dressed-up in the office, consider wearing a blazer or a formal cardi and simply discard it when it’s time to kick back your heels. Choosing a style in a bright colour such as this red Alex Perry dress will add instant glamour and leave you with less to do. Simply freshen up the face, pop on some bold lippy and voila! Your day look is instantly transformed into a night look without the hassle of a lunch-break cubicle change.


So next time you find yourself short on time and needing to go straight from the office to dinner, stress no more! There are plenty of ways you can still look evening-ready in daytime wear. Play around with accessories and note attention to small details such as your makeup or hair. Earrings and statement jewellery pieces can make all the difference in taking an outfit from corporate to elegant; play around with different pieces and seek inspiration our site, and we will help transform you for your important events.

Main Image: Pinterest