Fifi Cooper talks about life, fame and her little bundle of joy! [E-SA EXCLUSIVE]

Since realizing that life is too short not to hang out with our talented artists in South Africa, Entertainment_SA caught up with the acclaimed “first lady of Motswako,” Fifi Cooper. Defining her character in two words, we think she is incredibly-awesome compared to how her hit tracks portray her.

The multiple-award winning female rapper took the time to share a few amazing insights behind her life, fame and the little bundle of joy in her life, Resego. Wise words from an old adage, “never judge a book by its cover.”

Interesting factor about Fifi the rapper.

Many people might believe that her dream has always been that of being a rapper, truth of a matter is, Fifi Cooper started off as an R&B singer before she realized that she’s also a good rapper..

“Although I wasn’t much of a rap person, I feel that as an artist, one has to explore other genres because you might never know which door is open in the industry. So yeah, after I tried that out, I realized that there’s more of me in rap than I am in R&B.”

Fame VS the real Fifi Cooper.

Surprisingly, Fifi Cooper, real name Refilwe Boingotlo Moeketsi – does not allow fame to take over the real her, which is being a mother of a cute, naughty boy Resego.

“ Behind the fame and the whole Fifi Cooper thing, I am a happy loving mother of Resego. Although I get a lot of gigs which see me travel a lot, I always make sure that I spend every little spare time I get with my boy.”

Fifi Cooper’s love life

Although recent reports have stated that Fifi is currently single, our gossip team finally managed to convince to give us something for our gossip lovers.

“ Let’s just say I’m happy. There is someone in my life who makes me happy, but I’m not yet ready to publicize our relationship, especially after coming out of a 7-year relationship with my ex. But I’m happy hey.”

Fifi Cooper’s fashion sense and the critics.

Earlier this year, Fifi Cooper became victim of social media bullying and hate which saw people take turns in sharing their views on her fashion sense. Surprisingly, she remains unshaken.

‘’You know the most important thing is originality, this is who I am, how I grew up you know. I can say that growing up being the only girl in a chain of male siblings really motivated my fashion sense because I never really had the chance to play dress up with them since they are boys, the only thing I saw from them was baggy jeans and all those stuff, and to me that was really cool.

As for the critics that go as far as people mistaking me for a lesbian and all the crazy stuff, which lesbian puts such lipstick on? [chuckles]. It’s funny how people who sleep 8-hours a night, have the audacity to judge us people who hardly sleep just to entertain them. So one thing I know is that, one can never go far if you take criticism in a bad way, smile and thank them, it clearly means there’s something right that you doing.’’

What the future holds for Fifi Cooper and fans

The Truth or Dare hitmaker hinted that she is currently working on a new album that is bound to take the industry by storm, so fans better prepare themselves for this one.

‘’I love thinking ahead, and before I moved to Joburg I told people that 2015 is ‘20Fifi,’ to their surprise, I landed not only myself, but also my fans multiple awards that year. After that, I always knew that my second album has to drop somewhere between 2016 and 2017 and that’s what I’m currently working on.’’

And finally – The shout out

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