Four men ‘attempt to burglar Dr Dre’s mansion during hospital treatment’

They just had to wait for the man to be hospitalized before they could attempt to rob his mansion?? Criminals have no chill in the USA – this was confirmed after Dr Dre’s mansion was reportedly the target of an attempted burglary while the rapper received medical treatment in a hospital.

Dre announced on Tuesday via social media that he’s “doing great and getting excellent care”. While he confirmed that he was being hospitalized, he did not name his medical condition. TMZ reported earlier in the day that the rap mogul had suffered a brain aneurysm, was “stable and lucid”, and was undergoing more tests.

Now, TMZ has reported that four men were spotted at Dre’s property allegedly “casing” the home. They were caught before they could enter the main residence, the website reported, citing law enforcement sources.

The men were reportedly arrested for alleged attempted burglary. Law enforcement told TMZ they believe the men saw news coverage of Dre’s hospitalization and allegedly took it as “a window of opportunity”.

The Los Angeles Police Department told The Independent that four people were seen on Tuesday night “hiking over a hill attempting to enter a property”. The department wouldn’t confirm that the property belongs to Dre but named an area of Brentwood where Dre was reported to have purchased a home in 2014.

The four people “were confronted by private security and fled the location” before being pulled over and taken into custody, according to the LAPD. Police told ABC7 that nothing was taken.

News of the artist’s health troubles has been met with messages of support from Missy Elliott, Ice Cube, and many more.

Main Image: Variety