My friend cheated on his beautiful ex-girlfriend, now they broke up. How long should I wait till it’s okay for me to hit on her?

Hello Uncle T, I am a 26-year-old guy living in Braamfontein and I have something to confess about. My friend was recently dating a beautiful girl that I always had a crush on. They broke off about a month ago after the girl found out that he was cheating with on her with her cousin, now I see an opportunity. Here’s the thing, I don’t know how long should I wait until it’s okay for me to hit on her, or if it’s even okay for me to hit on her, please help.

Hello there,

I do not think it is a wise move for you to be hitting after your friend’s exes, no matter how bad their situation was. First of all, the girl might think that this is just another prank from your friend to try and tarnish her reputation. Remember that just like us, women also have pride, and her dating you might make her seem as if she’s after revenge, this will cause more drama between her and your friend, which is something you do not want.

Another thing is, if your friend finds out that you are dating, or trying to date his ex, this might jeopardise whatever friendship code you guys had because the guy might think that you are after him. If you really love this woman, I suggest you propose a friendship instead of a relationship. A relationship might just be too complicated because you won’t be able to discuss your friend with her without her thinking you are trying to rub salt on her wounds.

However, with friendship, you guys can discuss anything without hesitation because it’s just two friends talking about an ex you know! I know you emphasized on how beautiful she is, but you have to let this one pass mate, it ain’t worth the trouble.

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