Gareth Cliff calls out Cyril Ramaphosa for shutting down alcohol again!

South African radio host and television presenter Gareth Cliff has taken aim at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership, again.

The comments came after Ramaphosa addressed the nation this weekend where he announced that curfews would be reimposed and that the sale of alcohol would again be banned and in reaction to the address, Cliff said that Ramaphosa did not get to decide what people in a free country could do.

“He goes on TV this president, willy-nilly and makes rules. He sits with his national coronavirus command council and they go ‘ah I think we need to ban alcohol’ and they decide among themselves and that’s it”- he said.

Cliff highlighted that the right to do what you want is gone. He added by saying: “Then he says there is a curfew and you can’t visit your family. Bullsh*t. You do not get to decide for free people in a free country whether they can see their mother or father, brother or sister or their children, you don’t get to do that. And any government that tries to do that, even if they say it’s for health reasons, it’s a tyrannical state that is trying to control your behaviour”.

The former “Idols SA” judge has taken aim at Ramaphosa before. In May he irked many South Africans with his message to Ramaphosa about the coronavirus lockdown in South Africa.

In an audio clip posted on Twitter, Cliff told the president how South Africans were concerned with the havoc the lockdown was causing on the economy and how “many of us aren’t afraid of the virus anymore”.

Main Image: IOL