Gigi Lamayne: “I OWN NINE UBER CARS”

Gigi Lamayne is more than just a pretty young female rapper working her way into the music industry. The award-winning rapper is also a budding entrepreneur, already making her strides in the transport industry.

In an interview with Zkhiphani recently, Gigi revealed that she currently owns nine Uber vehicles and apparently, the business is doing quite well.

“I took the money that I was making in music and I’ve been investing it into my fleet and it’s been very beneficial,” she told the publication.

Gigi says she enjoys having people report to her, so she’ll be venturing into more business avenues.

But none of this is foreign territory for Gigi.

She grew up with an entrepreneurial mother who inspired her to make her own money.

“Someone I always have to thank is my mom,” she said. “My mom started her own nursing agency and that’s where we (Gigi and her siblings) got it from. From a young age, we had a tavern, a spaza shop and a salon ekasi,” she continued.

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